At Exeter Martial Arts (EMA) we pride ourselves on the high quality of instruction of our children’s martial arts classes. With many years of teaching experience we have found that the children learn best in specific classes tailored for each age group. We split our children’s classes into 5 age groups.


Each class is taught with a different emphasis appropriate for the child’s age and children move to the next group when the instructors feel the child is ready to progress. We know that kids learn best when they are having fun - so all our classes are taught with that in mind.  At the same time we don’t compromise on our expectation that all our students can become great martial artists.



Exeter Martial Arts prides itself on its classes and the values and principles we pass on to the kids training at our gym. For us, martial arts training is more than learning how to physically defend yourself.



Our teaching programme focuses on a number of - what we deem to be – important concepts, such as discipline, respect, focus, co-ordination, fitness, and many more.



In these classes, we teach Japanese jiu jitsu, a battlefield martial art used in feudal Japan, which has become one of the most effective self-defence systems in the world



Our Cadets classes are tailored for 11-15 year olds.  At this age the classes focus strongly on

self defence skills- which we feel are a crucial life skill as children become more independent.


CADETS BJJ (11-15)

Cadets Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is for 11-15 year olds. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a competitive sport martial arts which is similar to wrestling and judo.



For our cadets (age 11 - 15) we offer Kickboxing classes. Again this brings with it the option of competition but also all the benefits of fitness, coordination and confidence.​

Junior BJJ


Junior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - In these classes, we teach Japanese Jiu Jitsu, a battlefield martial art used in feudal Japan, which has become one of the most effective self-defence systems in the world.

At EMA we believe that martial arts are invaluable to children, not only improving fitness, coordination skills and general sporting ability but also teaching crucial life skills including a love of learning, self respect, respect of others, confidence and perseverance.Our traditional martial arts classes are Jiu Jitsu based - this is a traditional Japanese martial art which has a strong emphasis on self defence. It is a great holistic martial art which teaches strikes, throws, self defence techniques and much more. We have regular gradings through the year and invite parents and friends to come and watch the children gain their next belt. We also have regular local competitions to give the children the chance to experience the thrill and sense of achievement that competition brings.


Once children reach the age of 5 we also have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a competitive sport martial arts, similar to Wrestling and Judo. We offer children the opportunity to compete in local and national competitions and have had a lot of successful medal winners over the years at National and European level.


For our cadets (age 11-15) we also offer Kickboxing classes. Again this brings with it the option of competition but also all the benefits of fitness, coordination and confidence. We have lots a cadets who cross train the BJJ and kickboxing classes providing the basis of a good rounded MMA athlete.


EMA runs a successful school outreach program. We have long running successful after school clubs at  The Maynard School and St Peters School, as well as running short term courses at a variety of primary and secondary schools around Exeter.


Parents frequently report to us how much their child loves coming to martial arts classes, and also how they see a real change in their children through martial arts training. Children improve in confidence and self-belief as well as learning to concentrate and try hard; skills which really are really valuable at preschool, school and into adulthood.


We love seeing our students grow and progress over the years and now have many adults training in our classes who started at a very young and have matured into fantastic martial artists.


If you are not sure if martial arts are suitable for your child why not book them in for a free trial class? Parents and children are welcome to come and watch the classes from our viewing area- which is also equipped with wifi and a coffee machine!


All our instructors are friendly and welcoming to any new children who might be a little apprehensive about trying out a new activity, so why not bring them down and give them a great opportunity to learn something great.



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