The Life Skill

The Life Skill 

A few weeks ago, I shared this post on our social media talking about the how we believe martial arts is a mandatory life skill the same as swimming for all kids. In everyone’s lifetime at some point they are going to face the threat of physical violence and being able to cope / overcome a bully just in the same way as being able to enter water without fear or dread is so important. Here is the post in case you missed it.  The post was aimed at parents and children but the great thing about social media and martial arts is that it can be shared and its value is applicable to all. A few days after I posted it, I had message from one of my adult students he has been training for just under 50 classes."Last weekend I was involved in some road rage. A guy sped up and pulled up in front of me, blocked me in, got out and shouted through my window and threatened to pull me out. For first time in my life, I was able to keep calm in a possibly violent situation. I looked him in the eyes and spoke steadily and politely and he just backed off. I'm not saying I could have defended myself, but it was great to think clearly under pressure and possible attack. Martial arts give you confidence but more it grounds you. " This was so great to read. A lot of people think martial arts are only about being able to react physically to a threat. This is only part of the story.  The confidence and self-assuredness it gives also helps you be able to talk people down, stopping potential violence knowing that if things to get physical you have the tools to look after yourself. Hope you have a great rest of day 😊​

Henry loses 20kg in just 4 months by just training at EMA

Henry loses 20kg in just 4 months by just training at EMA 

Just wanted to share with you all, how proud of this young man we are at EMA. Henry is a Hong Kong native who came to Exeter to Study Mechanical Engineering at the University in the autumn joining us in November. At that time, he weighed 96kg and was pretty unfit by his own account. Henry dived straight into the EMA culture training on our unlimited package, with the benefit of student discount. Now some 4 months later he has shed 20kg and now weighs an amazing 76kg. He trains in Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, BJJ, Boxing and Japanese sword and in that 4-month period he has achieved his first gradings/belt tests in Jiu Jitsu, Sword and Kickboxing.  Plus, last weekend he had his first boxing match also raising money for Cancer research in our partnership with UWCB (Ultra white-collar boxing). The guy is a complete inspiration and is testament to what you can achieve if you surround yourself with the right team. Looking forward to seeing his progression.   

Full-time Apprenticeship at Exeter Martial Arts

Full-time Apprenticeship at Exeter Martial Arts 

Are You - Passionate, Motivated, Organised, and Great with People…? Are you excited about health, fitness and personal improvement...? Do you want to work with enthusiastic people between 3 and 83 years old in a local Exeter based business…? If you ever dreamed about what it would be like to work in a Martial Arts Academy enriching people’s lives, allowing them to achieve their personal fitness goals while improving their wellbeing; then you may have stumbled upon the job opportunity of a lifetime. Here’s why…Exeter Martial Arts is one of the largest and most successful Martial Arts Academy’s in the southwest with a gold standard instructor team and a large and growing client base. We have a unique opportunity for a Passionate, Motivated, Organised, Client Focused Superstar to join our team. Our children's martial arts coaching team is expanding and we are looking for an enthusiastic people person to join it as an apprentice, teaching children from the ages of 3-15 years. No martial arts/ fitness knowledge is required as this would be learned on the job at Exeter Martial Arts. We work in collaboration with Exeter College where as part of your qualification you would work towards a NVQ in either Community Activator Coach or Personal Trainer Apprenticeship. If you’d like to be part of a creative, fast paced environment that will bring out the very best in you; we’d like to hear from you… Email for more details. We will be interviewing prospective candidates soon! Best of luck The EMA team 

From apprentice to sensei 

Student, Apprentice, Instructor - Tom’s Journey

Tom Simpson started training in our Jiu Jitsu classes at EMA in the spring of 2017 at the age of 17 and having just left school.  When we advertised for our first apprentice that summer he applied and we were pleased when he started working with us in September 2017. Tom worked hard both at Exeter College and through his training at EMA to complete 2 apprentice qualifications over the next 2 and a half years- his gym trainer qualification and an NVQ in Leisure Management.   When Tom joined us he had no instructor experience, and just a few months of martial arts training under his yellow belt.  Three and half years later he has grown into a valued member of the team and is beloved by the children he teaches and their parents alike. He has also trained hard on gaining a well-rounded number of martial arts skills and currently is working towards his black belt in Jiu jitsu and his purple belt in kickboxing, with the hopes of competing later in the year when covid restrictions allow.       Over the pandemic Tom has been a rock, alongside the rest of the coaching team he has helped the EMA members through hard times both mentally and physically with his daily appearances on zoom classes.  Teaching on Zoom is a real challenge- keeping people engaged and progressing with very limited feedback and interactions, but it is a challenge which Tom has excelled at.  Although we know he is really looking forward to seeing all our students face to face when we reopen later in the month. Tom is now a full-time instructor with EMA and as we grow we are looking forward to seeing his progression both as a martial artist and as a valued instructor. Tom embodies the values of EMA; enthusiasm, hard work and consistency and is a great role model for the next generation of martial artists.

EMA welcomes back Exeter Uni students with some free taster classes 

Exeter Martial Arts is a permanent martial arts gym just a few minutes’ walk from Campus. We are one of the biggest martial arts dojos in the south west and offer classes in a wide range of martial arts from Kickboxing and Boxing to Jiu Jitsu and BJJ and MMA to traditional Japanese weapons. We have a full equipped, Covid secure facility and a high quality fulltime professional instructor team.  We are offering some Free TASTER CLASSES during the first two weeks of term to Exeter University studnets so check out the link below but before you do hear what some of our awesome uni studnets are saying about our classes :)           Alina McGregor, 3rd year BA Sociology/Anthropology student I train mainly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, though I’ve also trained in kickboxing and traditional Jiu Jitsu. I’ve     been at the gym since I was 16 so it’s been 4 years now. I chose EMA because of the people and the attitude that makes the gym.For me it’s really about the people. I’ve made friendships that I would never have made otherwise and I’ve been able to enjoy developing myself through martial arts in terms of confidence, determination and physical ability.          Jack Birch, 4th year student, studying physics I have trained at EMA for 2 years in the kickboxing class.I chose Exeter Martial Arts as I wanted a gym that was not part of the university. I wanted   somewhere I could train and not be reminded of my studies and university. It has provided a nice   escape from the stresses and strains of being a student.Training at EMA also appealed to me because of the broad range of disciplines they teach. I found that I could not only become a good striker but also a good grappler too. My favourite thing about my training at Exeter Martial Arts has been the quality of coaches. The coaches are friendly and really want to see you develop and improve your abilities. There is a good sense of community in the gym. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and everyone wants to see you improve.            Oli Miles, 4th Year in Arabic and Islamic studies.   I train Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and have done so for about a year and a half. I     train at Exeter Martial Arts because its teaching is varied, affordable and enjoyable. My favourite   thing about training here is the family atmosphere and the attention that the coaches give to each   student so that they can improve and enjoy themselves the most. The staff are amazing and really care for everyone here.              Grace Alexander, Law conversion  I started train kickboxing with EMA at the beginning of my first 3 year.  I'm going into my 4th year now doing a law conversion course at Exeter.  I chose to train at Exeter Martial Arts as I wanted to continue my training from home and meet new people outside of the university setting. At my taster class everyone was so friendly and welcoming, I loved it straight away!My favourite thing about the training is seeing myself improve and the sense of community amongst the class. It's a great chance to socialise as well as train!          Angela Breimann , PhD student  I have been training  Jiu jitsu which is a traditional martial arts for a year and a half now. I chose     Exeter Martial Arts because they have a wide range of classes on offer although I was mostly   interested in  jiu jitsu and they also had a free trial session. I am, really glad a went along before everyone was super supportive and friendly.  The thing I like best about training at Exeter Martial Arts is the real sense of achievement I get through the training and getting to interact with the people their.   Martial arts are well known to have a lot of benefits. Not only are they a great fitness work out but they also help build confidence and develop effective self-defence skills. They are also great for mental health and stress relief providing a switch of to modern life.For Exeter University students we are holding several Free Taster on the following days.Here you can come in and try a class and if you join up take advantage of our student discounts and our perks programme one of which is 50% of pizza at Sidwell street Pizza hut. Thursday 17th September at 1.30pm, MMATuesday 22nd September at 7.15pm, MMAWednesday 23rd September at 1pm, Jiu Jitsu and NunchuksThursday 24th September at 1.30pm, Kickboxing Our expert coaching team will introduce you to a wealth of knowledge around your chosen martial art, while helping you reach your fitness goals and learn some awesome new skills. Here is some more info on the individual arts we are offering in the tasters. MMAWhether you want to learn MMA as an awesome way to improve your fitness and learn something new or if you are planning to train for competition in the ring, our classes are a great way to learn more about BJJ, wrestling, kick/thai boxing and boxing. K1 KickboxingWant a fitness regime that is fun and has a great stress release?. Then our kickboxing class is for you. Jiu Jitsu and NunchuksLearn the ancient art of the samurai and the skill of the Nunchuks in our friendly and fun Jiu Jitsu classes.Here is a video where you can see more of our combat sports classes  To find out more about what EMA has to offer check out our combat sports video

Traditional Jiu Jitsu Weapon training for August 2020

Hi all its great to be back in the dojo after 4 months of lockdown and we just wanted to update the traditional jiu jitsu students what they would need for theor classes in August. The weapon we are going to be studyiing/working with is called a Tanbō in Japanese.  Please note this is different to a hanbō (1m staff) that the green belts  and above learn as part of theor grading syllabus.                                                                    The tanbō is a short staff used for close quarter protection (traditional 30-60cm in length). The ones we are using in class are also padded so we can work on the striking stations with them. There is lots of detail and ways of using them. With varied grips and ranges plus uses not just for strikig but grappling too,. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge of this great little weapon with you. You need to buy before your class as we can not take payments on the day due to time restrictions. You will also need gloves as we can’t lend any out due to Covid restrictions. Again, they can be bought from our online shop and we will hand over the tambo and gloves when we see you at class. The classes will work in pairs in the week of August Mon/Tuesday  will be the same class and Wednesday/Thursday teh same each week so important to make two classes a week in the beginning or end blocks. Hope this helps and see you on the mat Its going to be fun 😊 Sensei PS remember to book in for class (you can book now up to 2 weeks ahead)  ​

Corona Virus / Covid 19 update for EMA

We just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about the coronavirus/Covid19 in relation to EMA. To date there are no cases in Exeter but we are putting extra measures in place to keep everyone safe. As you know we wash the mats several times and week. In light of the current Coronavirus we will be increasing this and also ensuring that we treat all contact points ie doors, light switches, desks are wiped daily with disinfectant, etc. In an effort to improve hygiene and reduce the possibility of transmission within our academy, we ask that members wash hands thoroughly upon arrival at the gym, as well as continuing to practise good hygiene as normal (shower before and after training, clean kit after every use, don't share personal kit, gum-shields must be in your mouth or in a case in your bag... gum-shields left lying around will be binned immediately). We encourage everyone to have their own kit re gloves and pads. If you want to buy some feel free to ask at the desk or here is a link to our online shop As always please do not come to the gym/ bring your child to training if there is any suspicion of illness within your household, including;Generally feeling unwellHeadacheHigh temperatureCoughing or sore throatShortness of breath Please do not come to training/ bring your child to training if you have recently returned from travelling to any of the areas currently known to be affected by outbreaks of Covid-19/ Coronavirus. Contact your healthcare provider for more information. Any persons who come to the gym showing any symptom of illness (however mild) will be asked to leave. Please help us to avoid this embarrassing situation by heeding the advice given above. The risk to the general population remains low and we do not wish to cause alarm among you, but equally we wish to reassure you we are treating this outbreak seriously and doing what we can to minimise risk to yourselves, our valued instructors, our families and the wider community. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions, and please report to us any instances of suspected Covid-19/ Coronavirus and checkout the NHS website for their updates etc ​

How learning Jiu Jitsu can improve your mental health 

It is no secret that exercise can do wonders for your physical health; from weight loss to a healthier heart, the physical benefits of exercise go on and on. Yet, the benefits exercise can have on your mental health still go unacknowledged by many, despite it being one of the most effective ways to overcome mild mental obstacles. Martial Arts teaches more than just physical ability, it teaches discipline and resilience. Exercise can improve the release and re-uptake of serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline; all of these neurochemicals have been proven to have links to mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. Medical professionals across the UK, and across the globe, continue to stress the benefits exercise can have on your mental health and how much joy it can bring to your life. Meditation is often commonly associated with martial arts, and this is a great way to improve your mental health, as martial artists focus their mind and fully connect the body to the soul. Many people engage in martial arts as they teach more than just physical prowess; these ancient forms of combat and can provide many life lessons, as well as teaching skills such as patience and resilience. Learning Jiu Jitsu can do wonders for your mental health. Not only will the exercise increase your neurochemical activity, and thereby boost your mood and outlook, but the social benefits of martial art classes should not be overlooked. As an opportunity to make new friends, the social element of attending a martial arts class can also have positive effects on your mental health. Alongside the physical health gains , you will most likely notice a large boost in confidence, even if you were very shy and timid before. This is because immersing yourself in something, whilst also having fun and making friends, is a great way to find your true potential. Confidence is one of the most important things anyone can cultivate in life , regardless of age. It will mean they are more likely to aim high, set goals to achieve them. Learn more by booking a FREE no obligation trial traditional jiu jitsu lesson below  or just call into the academy for a chat with our qualified coaches and students who have all benefitted from our great programmes at Exeter Martial Arts ​

Job Vacancy

Job Vacancy at EMA  

We have a fantastic new opportunity coming up at Exeter Martial Arts for a Customer Service Administrator to join our team at our central Exeter Gym. This position will be available from 25th March 2019 for 32.5 hours per week during our operating hours of 3pm- 9.30pm Monday- Friday. We are looking for a person with excellent communication skills.  They need to be confident, sociable and a great team player. They need to think quickly and creatively and to be able to rapidly build rapport on meeting new people.  They also need excellent organisational skills and attention to detail. The role includes being front of house throughout our operational hours, representing Exeter Martial Arts.  A key part of your role will be meeting and greeting new and existing customers, dealing with customer queries and selling our training packages. You will also be required to make hot drinks, sell stock and manage stock levels.  The successful candidate will also deal with membership, insurances and new potential customers both face to face, on the telephone and via email. They will need basic IT skills and be able to deal with telephone and email queries and update social media platforms regularly. From time to time there will be some data entry, and processing of membership and insurance. Customer service or Sales experience is preferred- but not essential.  An interest in sport, fitness or martial arts is preferred but not essential-training will be provided. The hours of work are Monday- Friday, 3pm-9.30pm.  It is not a suitable position for an existing EMA member who is keen to continue with their classes as the candidate will need to be available on the desk throughout these hours.  Salary is £8-£9 per hour depending on age and experience. Extra hours will be available from time to time. Please send any enquiries and CV’s to before the closing date on 22nd Feb. ​


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