Exeter Martial Arts prides itself on its children’s classes and the values and principles we pass on to the kids training at our gym. For us, martial arts training is more than learning how to physically defend yourself.


Our teaching programme focuses on a number of - what we deem to be – important concepts, such as discipline, respect, focus, co-ordination, fitness, and many more. In a fun-filled session, we attempt to teach our students not just how to punch and kick, but also how to be sensible and safe, how to function in a group, how to use their body, and how to be attentive. We do this via a number of fun drills and games, ensuring

that we can pass on important life skills while keeping the children’s attention.


At Exeter Martial Arts, we believe that learning should be fun, and that children best acquire skills in a playful environment.


The techniques we teach our students has a firm base in  Japanese Jiu Jitsu however elements of kickboxing karate/taekwondo and Brazilian jiu jitsu/ Judo can also be seen .


If you’d like your child to try something new, gain more confidence, get fitter, or to learn a new sport / martial art, please come along to any of our classes for their age group.


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Exeter Martial Arts