Exeter Martial Arts prides itself on its children’s classes and the values and principles we pass on to the kids training at our gym. For us, martial arts training is more than learning how to physically defend yourself.


In these classes, we teach Japanese jiu jitsu, a battlefield martial art used in feudal Japan, which has become one of the most effective self-defence systems in the world alongside techniques found in kickboxing karate/taekwondo and Brazilian jiu jitsu/ Judo .


In our juniors programme, your child will learn how to effectively defend itself from varying attacks in a safe environment. Our classes are designed to teach our members how to look after each other in training, how best to employ self-defence techniques, how to improve fitness and co-ordination,  and much more. We also teach competition techniques in case they should ever wish to enter tournaments.


We do all this with the help of different games, challenges, and drills in order to keep our classes fun and the kids engaged and motivated.


In this age of technology children are spending more and more time in front of screens. We firmly believe its paramount for children to learn focus and self discipline in a fun challenging way.


Our sessions are high energy  and dynamic but also focus on respectful behaviour, discipline, and always reinforce the idea that continuous effort reaps rewards, ensuring that your child gets a good mental and physical workout while learning some important life lessons!


Our team of instructors is fully qualified, having relevant certification from our national governing body, the BJJAGB, as well as regular first aid training and a DBS check.


If you’d like your child to try something new, gain more confidence, get fitter, or to learn a new sport/martial art, please come along to any of our classes for their age group.

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