Are the Coaches appropriately qualified?


All EMA coaches have the following Qualifications;


  • First Aid (First Aid at Work or Appointed persons)
  • Enhanced DBS certification
  • Safeguarding Training
  • Coaching qualifications relevant to their Martial Art/Sport
  • Instructor insurance


All training centres (dojo) are fully accredited by the National Governing Body and Sport England


Do I need insurance to train?

Yes, just like you insure your house against damage so in training it is important to insure your person against the unlikely event you become injured.  All EMA members need insurance with us which is included in their membership fee when they join us and renewable annually.


How fit do you need to be?



Short answer: Not very.

Long answer: We don't expect people to be fit when they start training. Our members have a whole variety of body shapes and fitness levels. Some of our classes do require a slightly higher level of fitness than others- so if you are unsure just speak to one of the team and we can suggest the best classes to start in.  One of the best things about EMA is that you will quickly start to feel fitter and healthier.


What about Safety?

From the very beginning of your training, safety will be emphasised. It is everyone's responsibility to be aware of the safety of their training partners and themselves, and not to put anyone at risk.  In the unlikely event of an accident there is a set of procedures to cover such eventualities.


Who deals with injuries in the dojo?

Every instructor is a qualified First Aider and is required to maintain their first aid qualification by attending refresher courses at least every three years. Our gym is equipped with a first aid kit and injury book. It is the responsibility of all present to fully comply with any instruction given to them during a first-aid situation.


What about Uniforms and Equipment?

When you first start just come along wearing loose comfortable clothing.  Don’t worry if you don’t have your own gloves or training equipment- that will be provided during the class. 


When you want to get a uniform or kit just speak to one of the team and we can organise that, we often have discounted kit on offer when you join EMA.


If I come to a Beginners Course or Taster Class am I obliged to become a member of EMA?

No!  Our beginners courses and  taster classes are there to give you an taste of your chosen class and to learn some basics, you are under no obligation to join EMA. If at the end of your course or class you are not sure it’s right for you just have a chat with one of our team.  We have so many different classes on offer it is very likely there will be another class you will love.


What about Belt Tests and Gradings?

We hold regular belt tests in Traditional Jiu Jitsu, BJJ, JTX Kick Boxing and Muay Thai, as well as all of the children’s classes. Belt tests are set by the national governing bodies and chief instructors. You will be invited to grade on completion of a minimum number of classes or at your instructor's request.


I want to enter some competitions- can you help?

Yes! At EMA we have some great competition teams and regularly have successes at local and national competitions.


I don’t want to compete- is that ok?

Yes!  At EMA our new members range from people just wanting to have fun and improve their fitness while learning something new, to budding MMA fighters.  Just have a chat with your coach about what your personal goals are.


If you have a question about our membership, which class is best for you or want more information just get in touch, our expert team will be happy to help!


01392 663000

Exeter Martial Arts