The Life Skill


The Life Skill

A few weeks ago, I shared this post on our social media talking about the how we believe martial arts is a mandatory life skill the same as swimming for all kids. In everyone’s lifetime at some point they are going to face the threat of physical violence and being able to cope / overcome a bully just in the same way as being able to enter water without fear or dread is so important. Here is the post in case you missed it.



The post was aimed at parents and children but the great thing about social media and martial arts is that it can be shared and its value is applicable to all.


A few days after I posted it, I had message from one of my adult students he has been training for just under 50 classes.

"Last weekend I was involved in some road rage. A guy sped up and pulled up in front of me, blocked me in, got out and shouted through my window and threatened to pull me out. For first time in my life, I was able to keep calm in a possibly violent situation. I looked him in the eyes and spoke steadily and politely and he just backed off. I'm not saying I could have defended myself, but it was great to think clearly under pressure and possible attack. Martial arts give you confidence but more it grounds you. "


This was so great to read.


A lot of people think martial arts are only about being able to react physically to a threat. This is only part of the story.  The confidence and self-assuredness it gives also helps you be able to talk people down, stopping potential violence knowing that if things to get physical you have the tools to look after yourself.


Hope you have a great rest of day 😊

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