Tai Chi is a martial art originating in ancient China.


In our gym, we train in the Yang style, thought to be the most-widely practiced style of Tai Chi in the world today. The Yang style is characterized by a reduced emphasis on Fa Jin - the explosive release of energy; instead, it focuses on slow, smooth, and continuous movements. The ultimate goal is to combine hard and soft movements to produce a great effect with minimum effort.


Our sessions include Qi Gong exercises - drills meant to align breathing and movement and to still the mind. Because of, rather than in spite of, the slow pace of these exercises, muscles are being tested continuously, strengthening the body as a whole. Balance and posture as well as abdominal breathing are practiced and constantly honed. You will also learn some Tai Chi forms, such as the 24 and 48 form. Our class gradually builds fitness and suppleness, without unnecessary strain and effort. Therefore, it can be utilised and effectively applied to our everyday lives.


This class is suitable for anybody - young and old - but especially for those recovering from injury, as it is low-impact.

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