Kenjutsu (literally translated means ‘sword art’) encompasses  bladed weapons used by the samurai.

In our school, we learn to use:

the long sword (Daito),

short sword (Shoto)

dagger (Tanto) to begin with;


Our more advanced students will go on to study other weapons such as the 6-foot staff (Daijo or Bo) or the bladed halberd (Naginata) , among others.


Once you develop a good understanding of these weapons as well as range and timing, we teach you how to use them for several other techniques, including locking, choking, and empty-handed disarming. We also cover how to defend multiple opponents and opponents with different weapons to yours.


 Our training consists of both solo and partner practice, allowing you to drill techniques in different contexts.


We believe that this enables our students to better understand Japanese swordsmanship. Over time, you will become familiar with basic attacks and defences, and you’ll be able to consistently build on these foundations with the help of your instructor and training partners.


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