Happy New Year 2017​

Happy New Year 2017

With the classes in the gym starting back for this new year its good to look back on what we did in 2016. It was a massive year for us and our members.

We raised a staggering £33,000 for Cancer charities Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and Exeter Leukaemia fund (ELF) cancer charities

Over 600 people moved forward by grading  in Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Ken Jutsu (sword), Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Notables where:


  • Mark Woodland – 3rd Dan in Judo

  • Laura Ibarra Hempel – 2nd Dan in Jiu JItsu

  • Damien Gaucher – 1st Dan in Jiu Jitsu

  • Zak Reed – Purple Belt BJJ

  • Richard Catterick – Mokuroku in Sword


We held some awesome seminars with world renowned martial artists here in Exeter too:

Tom Barlow, Ben Hall, Ben Jones, Paul O’Callaghan,Nish Soni, Sidney Silva –

and also  hosted the National Jiu Jitsu championships and the Seishin Summer school

So much good stuff.


However with change there is always a yin and yang / in  and yo. As some of you will know we lose an EMA stalwart instructors Tom Rogers and Shogo Miyakita. Shogo and Tom  are brilliant martial artist who started their training journeies with me 8  years ago at Exeter University and Exeter College jiu jitsu clubs respectively. They both have a good training ethos and have achieved a great standard. They have been involved in not only achieving their own martial arts goals and ambitions but have also taken the time to help teach the next generation of martial artists in Exeter. They move to London to further their careers but their  plans include adding their considerable knowledge and skill to our London Jiu Jitsu club and we hope to see them at training events throughout the year. We wish them best of luck in London, its been a pleasure to share the mats with you both.


Happy New Year 2017


Well what about  next year well all I can say is we have changed and grown this year and next year is looking already like it will be our biggest yet on all fronts with Combat sports with lots of ideas for development and getting those that want to compete literally on the cards and the traditional guys moving forward in breadth and depth.


Its going to big one and am  so happy to share my goals and dreams with all of you by experiencing, achieving and excelling in all Exeter Martial arts has to offer and  as a thank you to our members in January we are offering £20 cash for introducing a friend to Exeter Martial Arts. See in the gym for details.

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