Traditional Jiu Jitsu Weapon training for August 2020

Hi all its great to be back in the dojo after 4 months of lockdown and we just wanted to update the traditional jiu jitsu students what they would need for theor classes in August. The weapon we are going to be studyiing/working with is called a Tanbō in Japanese.  Please note this is different to a hanbō (1m staff) that the green belts  and above learn as part of theor grading syllabus.




The tanbō is a short staff used for close quarter protection (traditional 30-60cm in length). The ones we are using in class are also padded so we can work on the striking stations with them. There is lots of detail and ways of using them. With varied grips and ranges plus uses not just for strikig but grappling too,. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge of this great little weapon with you.


You need to buy before your class as we can not take payments on the day due to time restrictions.


You will also need gloves as we can’t lend any out due to Covid restrictions. Again, they can be bought from our online shop and we will hand over the tambo and gloves when we see you at class.


The classes will work in pairs in the week of August


Mon/Tuesday  will be the same class and Wednesday/Thursday teh same each week so important to make two classes a week in the beginning or end blocks.


Hope this helps and see you on the mat


Its going to be fun 😊




PS remember to book in for class (you can book now up to 2 weeks ahead)



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