Celebrating 25 years of Seishin.



Our style of martial arts Seishin Mizu Ryu came into being in the mid 1990s and we are super proud to say this year is our 25th Anniversary of it first being introduced. Seishin was formed by Dr Richard Catterick during his martial arts journey.


Inspired after reading  Bruce Lee's seminal book the Tao of Jeet Kune do which documents his creation of his own martial movement, and with the support of his club members decided to do the same with his base being the holistic art of jiu jItsu. After almost a decade of training/teaching and studying in Jiu Jitsu plus a variety of other martial arts, including ninjitsu, tai chi, wing chun kung fu, shorinji kempo, Brazilian jiu jitsu, kenjutsu and kobujutsu to name a few. He created the Seishin Mizu Ryu school which today contains several different martial disciplines within it.


Seishin Mizu Ryu (SMR), translates from the Japanese as ‘water mind school’, it is a modern martial art style based on old principles which incorporates both empty hand and weapons techniques. The ‘water mind’ is the core principle that directs the styles' evolutionary and reactionary flows. The style has grown organically with his decades of training all encompassed within the Seishin Mizu Ryu brand


SMR, incorporates Sensei Catterick's version of jiu jitsu (empty hand grappling), kickboxing (empty hand striking) and traditional weapons which he has developed through dedicating his last 34years to the martial arts. He is a multi-Style black belt and a full-time martial artist, national referee and level 4 sport England coach. On top of all this he has three degrees including a PhD in Oncology and a background in clinical research.  His academic learning mindset has helped his research and development of his martial art and this coupled with a high attention to detail he has had through his adult life promotes a great learning environment for his many students and instructors.


Seishin Mizu Ryu celebrates its 25th anniversary in autumn 2023













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