• Quality is our top priority at Exeter Martial Arts
  • It’s what makes our gym / dojo a truly different and special place
  • Martial arts are a lifestyle; the training we do every day affects our work
  • It also affects our relationships, and us as individuals
  • Our top priority ensures Exeter Martial Arts is an amazing place to train
  • A positive influence that can enhance the quality of all aspects of your life

Whether you are looking for health and well-being, realistic and effective self-defence, getting fit in the form of a new

sporting hobby or a fun, character-building work out for your kids, Exeter Martial Arts has classes for you.


Come and try one or a selection of classes - all under one roof. The perfect way to cross-train and effectively

use your time. Please, see below for more details on our classes and session times!


We are closed over the Easter weekend for all classes - adult and children -

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday - You are welcome to make up

any missed classes over the next month.

Email us at


2-4 Station Yard (off, Richmond Rd) Exeter EX4 4SP

Tel: 01392 663000